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High School FAQs

Are you looking for answers? We’ve responded to some of your most frequently asked questions below. Please refer to our student handbook for more detailed answers. You are also welcome to call our front office with questions.

How do I enroll my child at Jennings County High School?

We are thrilled to welcome new members to our community! Please visit our district Registration page for the information about enrolling in JCHS. Please download and print a copy of the registration forms, and bring the completed forms, together with the required documentation, to our main office.

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Does your school offer breakfast and lunch?

Jennings County Schools Food Service Department participates in the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Each school offers a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily. We use a pre-pay/debit, computerized meal system to process student purchases in an efficient, confidential manner. It is important that students memorize their meal account number, as they will need it in the cafeteria for each meal. Students should keep their numbers confidential.

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What if a student becomes ill or requires medication during the school day?

If a student becomes ill at school or has an accident or another emergency, he/she should report to the nurse’s office. The student may rest there, or if he/she is ill enough to leave the school, the nurse will contact the student's parents and make arrangements for the student to go home. Under no circumstances may a student use a cell phone or other means to make these arrangements or to leave school without the proper permission from the nurse or administration. Regarding medications, students who must take prescription drugs or medication must submit them to the nurse’s office upon arrival to school. Students may not take medication until they submit a note from their parents stating the reason for the medication. This policy also includes over-the-counter medication or medicine.

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Do you provide transportation services?

We are pleased to provide our students with safe, reliable transportation to and from school each day. We consider bus riding a privilege and expect all students to adhere to the rules for their own safety as well as for the safety of others. For more information, please visit our district Transportation page.

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What if a student wants to drive to school?

If you would like to drive and park at school, please see Mrs. Davis in the East Wing Office to purchase a parking pass. You may purchase a parking pass before school only.

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What is Skyward, and how do I get a username and password to use it?

Skyward is just another way we keep communication between home and school strong. It provides you with almost real-time access to your child’s grades, attendance history, and other important information. You may easily access the Skyward website from the Student and Parent Quick Links on the Home page. To receive your log-in information, please call the front office.

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What are the school hours?

During regular, full school days, we begin at 8:25 a.m. and end at 3:05 p.m. Please read the student handbook for the various block, full-day, and two-hour delay schedules.

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What do I need to do if my child will be absent from school?

If your child must miss school, please call the school office on the day of his/her absence. For information about attendance requirements and what qualifies as an excused absence, please refer to our student handbook.

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What if my child needs to leave school early?

A parent or guardian must sign out and pick up students at the front office. Students with a valid driving license who can drive themselves may leave campus with prior written permission from a parent/guardian and approval from the principal.

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Do you enforce a dress code at JCHS?

We expect students to dress within the bounds of decency, cleanliness, and safety. We do not permit students to dress in a manner that is lewd, vulgar, indecent, offensive, or disruptive to the educational process.

  • Shorts, dresses, and other similar articles of clothing are acceptable; however, they should not be so short as to cause a disruption. We do not allow bare midriffs for ladies or gentleman. It is our position not to permit tops causing an educational disruption, including but not limited to tops with straps too narrow, see-through tops, low-cut tops, backless tops, or tops exposing undergarments while in class or during the normal school day.
  • Students may wear leggings or tights with shorts or appropriate length skirts, shirts, dresses, etc., but they may not wear them by themselves.
  • Excessively ripped or torn clothing is not appropriate.
  • Clothing with insignias or words referencing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, or clothing of a suggestive nature is also inappropriate.
  • Students may not wear wallet-chains or chains as accessories that could be used as a weapon
  • We will not allow jewelry with spikes; we do not allow jewelry that could be a danger to others or that could be used as a weapon.
  • Students may not wear hats, hoods, sunglasses, or bandanas unless otherwise approved by the administration as a part of a school activity or during the normal school day.
  • Students may wear coats only at the discretion of the individual classroom teacher, depending on the time of year and climate in the classroom.
  • For reasons of safety and general health, students should wear shoes at all times.
  • We do not allow any clothing that endorses a violation of school policy or an immoral or illegal action or that may suggest or demonstrate any association with gangs, gang recruiting, or gang activity (Indiana Code 20-33-9-10.5).

Please refer to our student handbook for more details.

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Do JCHS students have access to the Internet while on campus?

Yes, much of our classroom learning also includes the use of the Internet. Students must have the user agreement and parent permission form on file to use the Internet. If a student uses it inappropriately, we reserve the right to revoke a student’s usage privilege. The student may also suffer disciplinary action and/or legal action if appropriate. Please refer to the district Technology page for more information.

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What is the protocol for students who arrive late to school?

All students who arrive at school after 8:25 a.m. must report to the attendance office. If students fail to report to the attendance office when they arrive late to school, we will not be able to excuse their absences in the missed classes. This procedure includes morning SCC students. Students who are habitually late to school may lose their driving privileges. Any student arriving after 1st or 5th period without parent notification is truant.

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How will I be notified if there is a delayed opening or school closure?

It may be necessary for the school to close or have delayed openings during the school year because of weather conditions or unsafe driving conditions. WJCP, WKRP, WINN, and WKKG radio stations, as well as WAVE, WISH, and WLKY television stations will broadcast school closing information if weather warrants closing. Parents and students should not call the principal, teachers, or the school to request this information. If school is closed for a day, all high school activities, including games, practices, and meetings, will be canceled.

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